Feature-engine is an open source project, originally designed to support the online course Feature Engineering for Machine Learning in Udemy, but has now gained popularity and supports transformations beyond those taught in the course.

Feature-engine is currently supported by a small community and we will be delighted to accept contributions, large or small, that you wish to make to the project. Contributing to open-source is a great way to learn and improve coding skills, and also a fun thing to do. If you’ve never contributed to an open source project, we hope to make it easy for you with the following guidelines.

There are many ways to contribute to Feature-engine:

  • Create a new variable transformer

  • Add additional functionality to current transformers

  • Fix a bug

  • Submit a bug report or feature request on GitHub issues.

  • Add a Jupyter notebook to our Jupyter notebooks example gallery.

  • Improve our documentation.

  • Write unit tests.

  • Write a blog, tweet, or share our project with others.

With plenty of ways to get involved, we would be happy for you to support the project. You only need to abide by the principles of openness, respect, and consideration of others, as described in the Python Software Foundation Code of Conduct and you are ready to go!.

Getting in touch

We prefer to handle most contributions through the github repository. You can also join our mailing list.

  1. Open issues.

  2. Gitter community.